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. according to the law, the police has the right to self-defense, especially when there have been massive acts of attacks to the police. regressive lead. remember 2004 we had a similar situation. 40,000 people came to the railroad station. they could have been a clash of bloodshed. i went to the railroad station. i stopped be people. i prevented bloodshed. i talked to those who brought them. i said they will never forgive if blood is spilled. >> please take your seat. i insist. >> hello? i have a question. if this is under way, are you ready? what happens? what if this happens? what would you do? do they recognize you? here is my point of view. there is an independent investigation. or someone from the authority. after this independent investigation, maybe we can talk about the courts. not to comment on these questions. i'm very often provoked. how i'm going to put it. i am convinced that the time will come and the truth will travail. everyone will know the truth and this was a show of history on next. i was more interested. there's no person more interested in avoiding blood children -- blood
as the gay panic defense, when a defendant, in a murder or assault case, claims he affected in a state of insanity because of homosexual panic. she introduced legislation that would prohibit defendants from using that strategy as a defense. >> very, very important that we make a qualification that justice is not served if we allow people to use a defense they were panicked and that is why they committed a murder. >> attorneys used the defense while defending four men accused of killing a transgender teen in 2004. attorneys claim the defense who were sexual enmit with her orphdisusessing she was -- after discovering she was not biologically female. >>> the snow pack is getting better but it is not good enough. today survey recorded water content at 24% of normal. that is the average combining all the survey stations. a month ago that number was 12% and at the start of the year 19%. it provides 1/3 of the state's water supply. >>> lawmakers approved a $687 million drought relief plan. it now heads to the governor's desk. the plan takes funds and bond money and redirects it to water conve
demand. >> more likely the defense minister. >> i thought in the closing ceremonies there was even the flash of russian with that i love, see them making fun of themselves with the system ring not opening. that was a kind of showbiz moment of irony that was nice. told the story. there was a narrative in the opening ceremony. part of my job, sitting in between matt lauer and meredith vieira. some people thought i was debbie downer. here comes the march persians of 1937. there was an attempt, however macy'sque du soleil, day thanksgiving parade in terms to show the best face forward even historically. centuries afor legacy of rivers, blood, oppression, but part of his of theatism and building state is to reassert a different history, a glorious history. wonderful future. >> and to toboggan right past the unpleasantness because he feels we have heard that in the west has been dancing in the end zone about its victory in the cold war and the turmoil of russian history. >> it was the latest geostrategic tragedy of the century. >> what are we experiencing in the ukraine? >> this is anoth
's eight c to eleven defense of the image is contained undesirable need to be with one facial media even commenting on the revelations that i can keep if its cctv on the seas chiefly steve. no she said. both are opting to the school advocates despite this it seems that she faced him i didn't make any attends tea at preventing tried to pull the story to be significant if we can eventually it seems comes to a compromise that might explain the image is from this facial recognition program that they didn't actually think the faces that i eventually they did manage to cut out some of the image is coming for a good thing for all my stuff that i was late in the collection and he still eats at face value packed snow and it is our concern about the us and uk are part of the five guys in there for the sharing intelligence on is that the tissue the nsa has access to be on the webcam storage in all these images. if that we'll carry that weight exactly how much fat. and if they had steve api key weapon in that image is of course that is the question a lot of people. i think reading uniting our heathe
't you. i do. we did. ch the eye sells. steve. when you read the us. one wall will or will . self defense groups in ukraine's crimea as it relates to a main apple and if he is the country's new authorities which they refuse to recognize per cent in on the pre gay. meanwhile the council at some of ukraine's west this is his right wing radicals were pieced it is on display the change of the government he's a scant six to us at that hour. also this not a war among us buying and the abundance of china condemned as america's human rights record. sony washington's fading to me about this i was stunned. let soften the quote of the year of struggles to deal with all the time has just written remains of houses across the continent. auntie. with a the prayer. i know. he's been like for months says i seem to manage with me he missed out on a bad luck to the park ukraine's in brussels president of the to get a call that she is now in the south of russia and is expected in the next few minutes to get his five news conference since being ousted from power. and i will be bringing anti line neo internati
that this committee questioned the department of defense officials on the full spectrum of the mission to include extremely sensitive and highly classified information. in an effort to fully understand the events pertaining to the strategy that unfolded that day, we have tried our best to treat all the families' interests equally, knowing that there's a wide range of spectrum and perspectives given the sheer number of people and families that ren gaged in this. two of these -- two of america's best happen to be from my congressional district in utah, and a number of members obviously care deeply about this issue. you're going to see members coming and going in this hearing. we have lots of different things happening in congress at the same time. some families may claim we have not done enough by not allowing classified or highly graphic information to be discussed today, and others may claim that any discussion about extortion 1-7 is counterprodifbt and opens old wounds. if i did not believe that the majority of the families wanted a forum like this to exist, we would not be conducting this heari
of warfare for this country, the u.s. now has a new defense battle plan that involves shrinkinging down the military. >> the -- shrinking down the military. >> it would shrink down to the smallest since 1930's before world war ii? >> jon: what? i just love the army. i just love the army. [laughter] we can't shrink the army. it's a process only tested on our kids. [laughter] and then after that ourselves. [ laughter ] ising this this goss to be a -- is this going to be a trilogy? what are we cut something in. >> after iraq and afghanistan we're no longer sizing the military to conduct long stability operations. there's 525,000 active duty soldiers. we've decided to further reduce the active duty army strength to a range of 440,000 to 450 soldiers. >> jon: 450 that's not enough. i really don't -- 450,000. that's -- [laughter] that actually should be fine. [ laughter ] so we're deploying tough love to match our military size to our military needs. i think this is right especially since our military spending is bigger than the next 13 countries combined. as long as we keep the commitments w
, they say. >> no one sponsors us. there is a self defense force. from surrounding villages. >> most crimeaens remain the men in camouflage whoever they are. >> part of basic agreements between the ukraine and rush over the black sea fleet. >> that's right, tony. the prime minister hear saying that the these are russian forces. we have no confirmation of that on the ground. these men . >> they number 15 shoes russian sailors. it is a major naval base. they want to protect their interests. we have seen russian armor personnel carriers in the last day or so. they are just exercises. but raising tensions a bit here in crimea, kiev watching very closely what is going on, who is in charge of security. very much an open question, tony. >> jennifer glass for us. as we told you, president obama said tonight that the u.s. is deeply concerned by the reports of russian military movements in ukraine. there will be consequences if russian intervenes. mike viqueira for us at the white house. mike, the president didn't say what those intervention measures could be. >> no one takinbe. >> what is le
was called the western defense zone. so they were we moved -- removed, they were forced to leave, and they were put in camps surrounded by barbed wire, and they were not charged with anything in particular. west coast non-japanese-americans, the population in general, most poll constitutions, most newspapers strongly supported the removal of japanese-americans. it was a very popular policy locally. the civil rights organizations which were largely based back east didn't pay much attention to it. in all of the major jewish newspapers on the west coast, they were weeklies, and they had editorials talking about how the rights of all are to be protected, and we should fight prejudice in all of it forms and so on and so forth without ever saying the word "japanese" specifically, so it was almost as if they wanted to say something but were nervous about actually doing so. so there was, i call it a kind of awkward silence or an uncomfortable silence around this issue that i started to investigate more. >> this weekend booktv and american history tv look behind the history and literary l
in the crimea proposed dangerous and irresponsible also raising the alarm. the new german defense minister now she waited at her very first nato summit in brussels. take a quick lesson. the situation in the ukraine were taken in the ukrainian fills us with great concern. it is of the utmost importance that we prevent the breakup of the ukraine and special forces in the country are strengthened so was concern about da whether ukraine remains in one piece are not the russian foreign ministry meanwhile issuing a statement in response all this saying that the nato defense ministers were sending equal to the wrong signal in their statements urging all sides to refrain from making what moscow referred to as provocative statements. this alarm not just coming from the nato ministers but reflected in the western press as well the news has certainly made front page headlines when a lot of speculation that moscow's decision to hold military drills is linked somehow to be addressed. that notion which the russian defense minister sergei should build disputed that saying that the emergency military drills w
shaking in their boots. after all the russian told the president to take our missile defense systems out of europe, and president said yes, sir, and took them out, put them on the back of our navy, and gave the navy no additional asset to do that. now he is cutting asset that navy has, i don't think that the president right now has the credibility necessary to back up many of his statements. lou: and do you have a view as to what likely putin will do in ukraine? >> lou, one thing that we're always afraid of, when you see the vacuums then you know, president putin may try t to -- exhibit some of his muscle, a react on world react, not u.s. reacted we're hoping he will be deliberate and not do, that let the ukrainian people work this out forever themselves, no matter how difficult that work out might be. lou: i was to turn to the issue of defense spending, and budget cuts, that are being insisted upon our military, and the pentagon. you are a champion of our military. you are more concerned than most on capitol hill. about national security, day in and day out. what is your judgment of the
the same. what's the point six billion on this are the among put its modernization. why has the defense minister doctor yesterday. the four guys were in the defence ministry the defence that he must resign. the defense minister must design that is that the buck stops being in the knees and pulling the fifteen new organization can just toss the geeky austin and tough kid who becomes weeks has the capacity to getting tickets in spite of jeans but it was oh so unknown that kind met many nice all its most mundane things tossed in for decades. then another question me some lame seemed adoption. it started chemo might getting the team to members. i suspect that the cause of the season with the incidence has more to do it the lack of chocolate eating and eating the treatment. he's called me he summed up on the sky. low ninety eight. he wants a cigarette by a jokey training he got me a gun safety procedures keep me hanging on his work on getting back on a journey he's gay mecca home the key to a ninety minute meeting on the assumption will be some form to be busy week. in each of the novel and
that are already lining up behind a clinton presidential bid punched back aggressively in her defense. so let's start with wednesday. hillary clinton was a bit could i r -- coy about her future. >> can you give us some insight in your tbd in your bio will play out? >> well, i'd really like to, but i have no characters left. i will certainly ponder that. >> but what was clear in that speech and in those remarks is clinton has become a full participant in the invisible primary. she made her most extended defense, for instance, of the health care law. >> -- you insure your car. why? because you don't want something bad to happen to it, so insure yourself because, you know, you don't know whether something bad could happen to you. >> but earlier that same day, she did strike a note of caution on health care, saying this, quote, i think we're on the right track in many respects, but i would be the first to say if things aren't working, then we need people of good faith to come together and make evidence-based changes. now, republicans jumped on those comments by hillary clinton, but you should kno
to the gym. she was found not guilty. danny, what do you make of the verdict? >> her entire defense was about who she was, a person on her way to work. that context was critical. the only shot she had here. her entire defense was involuntary intoxification. she accidentally took one of these ambiens. that defense hinged on the context. what kind of person was this? i promise you, if the facts were that she was at an applebys at night and she had an ambien, i don't know they would believe that was involuntary intoxification. instead, she was on the way to the gym. who in the world of drug addicts would take an ambien to go to the gym? >> it is a common sense argument. why would you possibly do that? you said it was all about who she is, no the necessarily the kennedy name. the kennedy name did come up, very prominently introduced by the defense. they explained who she was, all about her family. do you think it played any role in being charged and also in the verdict? >> whenever you have a defendant you are putting on the stand, you will do anything to bring out facts that will show they are a
been increasing military maneuvers it's based on the korean peninsula. that prompted nato defense ministers meeting in brussels to issue a stern warning to moscow now ukraine's new prime minister i say me get things set me up says he's focusing on the political solution urging russia to cooperate with ukraine. this is the man whose task it is to lead ukraine autobots crisis. pro european politician are singing gets a new parliament confirmed him as a new prime minister by a nearly unanimous margin. on the night and gets a new show himself to be a tough advocate of afro european courts. something he plans to stick it in his new office to show them so the new european integration as the central topic of the ukrainian government. it means visa free travel for ukrainian citizens. that means an agreement with the eu on political and economic integration with the free trade agreement. yet singles is only thirty nine years old but he's already served as parliamentary speaker. economics minister and foreign minister maliki faces gigantic problems political instability and billions in tax
than a year later, george zimmerman who says he shot trayvon martin in self-defense was found not guilty by apall female nearly all white jury. the stand your ground law altered the way the jury was instructed. it also raised questions about how the case was prosecuted, particularly after jurors started speaking out, including mattie, the lone member of the jury who was nonwhite. >> it's very hard to be one of the persons that had to deal with him being free right now, but just to know that in my heart, you feel that a person is guilty, but when it comes down to the law, they give you so much that you can work with. >> now a new book takes up inside the george zimmerman he map jury room and we're learning more about maddy, about her interaction with other jurors and about the potential missed opportunity by prosecutors in the zimmerman trial. lisa bloom is a "today show" legal analyst who covers the trial and also a legal analyst for her new book, the inside story of the trayvon martin injustice, is in bookstores now. thank you so much for joining us. george zimmerman
was killed while running for defense. so that is a defense? kimberly guilfoyle, what do you think? will it work? >> no, i get it. she is going to use the name and whatever she can to kind of say look, this is what i have done. i believe what she was trying to say is these are the positive things i've done so this this jury would go easy on her. but the kennedys, man, they have gotten a lot of breaks, remember michael skakel? there was pretty good evidence they cut him some slack because he was related to the kennedys. >> and you have chappaquidick, the whole family rallies, they remind everybody they're catholic. >> she is trying to do everything they can in a court of law. >> can she say i meant to take this medicine but i took an ambien instead. >> well, you can say that, this case is getting a lot of attention, i think we know why. she is certainly entitled to put forth any defense she wants. this is a serious case in terms of people getting behind the wheel impaired. but it is a first time offender case being tried at the state level. >> is it believable to you? >> do i think
they were cutting david wildstein loose and making him pay for his own defense, mr. wildstein sent a letter pleading his case arguing against their decision to not fund his legal fees. that same letter was the one that says evidence exists trying governor chris christie to having knowledge of the lane closures. if there was any george washington bridge left to burn between governor chris christie and david wildstein at that point, i think with that letter you can consider that bridge burned. and now this. now these unredacted documents. the unredactions that david wildstein that carefully senseored. what's going on here? earlier this month dade wildstein's lawyer met with a special council whose who have is advising the legislature. they sat down with david wildstein's documents and they negotiated line by line, redaction by redaction, what could legitimately be excluded from the public record because it really was not relevant and what information should be released. they worked together line by line to produce the documents that we got today including the new information that was previous
and civilian parts and also it belongs to the ukrainian defense ministry. the bbc's christian frazier has tried to get into the sevatopol international airport. >> reporter: you might be able to see behind me the control tower and what looks like a military base. you can see there are barriers stopping anyone from entering. a couple hundred yards on, a very professional looking unit. they are carrying high-powered assault rifles, kevlar hell mats. they have not been down the road to meet us or talk to us, so we don't know who they are. quite clearly we're not allowed to go beyond this point. let me show you what is in front of the barriers. this is really what you would call a civilian guard. we spoke to this man here. he is a ukrainian who speaks russian. the flags flying on the road signs are russian sympathizers. they don't want to talk to us at all. they don't like the presence of the western media here. what we are seeing is a patent on our journey. we came through a roadblock last night. quite a significant roadblock. they were stopping all cars coming to sevastopol. the parliament is sti
saying that russia should not invade the sovereign space of ukraine. we've heard defense secretary chuck hagel speaking for the united states in nato, saying this should be a time for caution and wise, diplomatic moves. but we have yet to hear, until now, from the president of the united states on this situation. president barack obama in the white house briefing room. >> over the last several days, the united states has been responding to events as they unfold in ukraine. throughout this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental principle, the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. together with our european allies, we have urged an end to the violence and encouraged ukrainians to pursue a course in which they stabilize their country, forge a broadbased government, and move to elections this spring. i also spoke several days ago with president putin, and my administration has been in daily communication with russian officials. we've made clear that they can be part of an international communities effort to support the stability and success of
. >> reporter: he and three partners have launched virginia's self-defense law. the difference with this firm is that they charge a low monthly retainer of $8.33. >> people are retaining a lawyer. they have a lawyer. this is not an insurance plan. that's an important distinction. >> reporter: he says he would have defended george zimmerman who shot and killed trayvon martin had it happened in virginia and if he'd already been signed up with the firm. >> he'd have already had to have retained us. if something happens and you want to retain us, you're in the ordinary pay scale. >> reporter: cuccinelli says virginia gun owners who are allowed to open carry are often harassed and charged when they shouldn't be. the firm will not defend those who use their guns to commit crimes, nor will they defend those who use guns in domestic violence situations. >> we will not defend charges within a household. >> reporter: you won't? >> no. and it's written in the retainer. >> reporter: the firm has no cap on legal fees, but clients may have to post their own bond and pay for expert witnesses, if needed.
beyond self-defense to carry concealed handguns in public. county sheriffs across the state will be required to issue concealed permits without any discretion. >>> corruption charges that could send them to prison for years. as ktvu's david stevenson tells us this investigation began over three years ago. >> this is a serious matter of misconduct if i can ever recall in my time in the police force. as alleged. >> reporter: indicted are officer razack, officer raul elias of the department's south earn station. sergeant ferminger, robles and vargas of the mission station are also charged. the six participated in a series of raids at residential hotels caught on these surveillance tapes. >> corruption work is part of the work of the fbi. >>> jeff adachi pwrugt the tapes to light. >> they were going to the rooms without warrants. in some cases we believe they were stealing items. there was no accountability. >>> ahead of the police officers association today acknowledged the severity of the charges but claims, these are based on unreliable informant witnesses. the entire departm
the people demonstrate a reason beyond self-defense to carry concealed handguns in public. county sheriffs across the state will be required to issue concealed permits without any discretion. >>> corruption charges that could send them to prison for years. as ktvu's david stevenson tells us this investigation began over three years ago. >> this is a serious matter of misconduct if i can ever recall in my time in the police force. as alleged. >> reporter: indicted are officer razack, officer raul elias of the department's south earn station. sergeant ferminger, robles and vargas of the mission station are also charged. the six participated in a series of raids at residential hotels caught on these surveillance tapes. >> corruption work is part of the work of the fbi. >>> jeff adachi pwrugt the tapes to light. >> they were going to the rooms without warrants. in some cases we believe they were stealing items. there was no accountability. >>> ahead of the police officers association today acknowledged the severity of the charges but claims, these are based on unreliable informant witnesses. t
cuts and the defense community, and they say that this would negatively impact veterans, particularly with retirement packages, so i think that there is a lot of wrangling going on with veterans and the defense community, but typically this is a constituency that supports republicans. i wouldn't really expect that to change. >> i want to switch gears because the president is launching a new effort called my brother's keeper. big businesses are preponderanced to support this, while obama care has really gotten a lot of scrutiny. could this initiative actually be his legacy issue? >> great, great question, and i think it will be. i think that this issue particularly for african-american men is something that the president has already made a huge difference on and is something that he is going to continue to make a difference on going forward even after he is president. i think that it's a huge piece of a legacy work that has already really begun, but is now being formalized that we're going to see played out for years to come even after the president leaves office. >> you talk about it
influence the jury. that's coming up and whether or not the defense will be popular. actor seth rogan rips lawmaker who is either left or didn't bother to show up for his testimony as he was talking about his mother-in-law suffering alzheimer's disease. does he have a point? we will get into that. also people bracing for mudslides in the west and brand-new video of this rescue. we will play it for you ins it entirety. stay here. [ male announcer ] did you know that if you wear a partial, you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. [poof!] [beep] [clicks mouse] nice office. how you doing? good. automatic discounts the moment you sign up. starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what
and done for moscow to make this a lot of the moscow based council on foreign and defense policy thank you for joining us again. the postman pat today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are packed and two for today. let's go straight to the crimean the province there in the capital and douglas herbert of what is the latest at this point. ok one thing us why if you're not an ethnic russian or you're not a russian speaker. it's a pretty intimidating mood tonight you know one of the walking too much around the streets at least in the center of central pole essentially right now rusted phones the russian speakers up and dominate today are in control of the center of the city in control in the sense that you do not see any ukrainian from the street i've not seen any top cars on the streets which we saw thousands of them yesterday during those of skirmishes and from the parliament they've been practically invisible from the center of the city. we've had in their places to wrap it to a large contingent of russian speakers to writing from various parts of this province of crimea
. and he stated today publicly that he fully supports actions of self-defense units in crimea. and a definition of self-defense units is quite broad, including units provided by the russian black sea fleet. >> brown: angela stent, when the president says as we also heard that there would be costs to any military intervention, what might that mean? what sort of leverage would there be? >> that's a very interesting question. we do not have that much leverage with russia any more. our relationship with russia has deteriorated. there is not much russia wants from us. and so i think, and on the other hand we need to work with russia on the iranian question and the obama administration wants to achieve an agreement on iran, on syria, on all of these other issues. so there may be costs, there could be some kind of sanctions although even there there is a limited possibility. so i'm not really sure what those costs would be. >> brown: dmitri simes there is a lot of history, obviously with crimea, russia and ukraine, for our audience what should we foe about to help us understand this.
in this country, barry goldwater from my state said this, that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, and -- [applause] and he said that moderation and defense -- excuse me, pursuit of justice to no virtue. i want to stand here before you all today, and i want to acknowledge something. if balancing the budget, again is extreme, i'm guilty as charged. i'm extreme. if sending obamacare to another world is extreme, then i'm extreme. [applause] it's finding justice for brian terry, a brave patriot killed on the border during fast and furious is extreme, then i'm extreme. [applause] if fighting justice from ambassador stevens who was murdered in benghazi is extreme, then i'm extreme. [applause] [applause] i'll tell you something, the old phrase "when the going gets tough, the tough get going," i'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you patriots any day of the week and fight side by side with you until we get the country back and our freedom back. thank you. [applause] eighteen years ago when i was in congress, i was the father of four children, and now i'm a grandfather of six children, and
defense, tells us tonight competent and compassionate. he blames the firefighter you are about to meet and listen to with a widespread cultural fear, starting at the very top of the fire department as to what really is to blame. report, the city points a critical finger at five d.c. firefighters who never responded to cries for help. >> he's not breathing. >> i have a person. he 75. >> not breathing, not conscious. multiple sources say that firefighter number one, a key figure in the report, is garrett murphy. younges with his wife and child in south-central pennsylvania, in the shadow of the three mile island nuclear power plant. he commutes two hours to washington. the door andck on quick conversation on the phone, murphy declined to comment. neighbors hesitant to speak publicly told off were deeply tall rolled -- deeply troubled by the tragedy of. but robert alvarado is speaking up. >> outstanding employee, great kid to be around. >> alvarado believes what happened at engine 26 says more about a department in disarray than the inaction of a few firefighters. people that are the brav
call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >> welcome back. two years ago the costa concordia ran into rocks off italy. the cap tape accused of abandoning the cruise liner. under court order he boarded the ship. many locals hope to close the chapter on the tragedy. >> francesco schettino was swamped by the media, as he returned to the trip he captained to tragedy. after spending four hours on board, he had an answer. >> translation: there are those who have plea bargained admitting blame. i'm here and undergoing trial so before you say the guilty one or the person responsible, i'm doing this. >> investigators were inspecting an emergency generator that was meant to power elevators and life boats, which didn't work the night of the shipwreck. lawyers demanded he be allowed to join them. francesco schettino faces 20 years in prison. charged with abandoning ship. residents who have been faced with the reminder of the tragedy for two years are divided over his return. >> there's no sense for hi
. they quoted her book to seek truth for justice in their closing. this he decided that her defense sounded like something they should understand. >> when you say she was driving erratically. she was driving a lexus suv and swerved in front of a tractor-trailer, right? >> and there was a crash but no w one was hurt. this is a critical issue. this is an interesting defense. this kind of drug has what you called an amnesia effect. this jury believed her expert. they did not believe, necessarily, what the prosecutor's expert was trying to primulgate. on this particular drug, she wouldn't have been aware she was driving erratically. >> you talked to kerry kennedy in the courtroom. what did they say? >> i was just in the courtroom when that verdict rank out. the jury deliberated about it, an hour and 10 minutes. i asked kerry kennedy, has this experience changed you at all. because this could be life changing in one way or another. she was a defendant in a courtroom. that has never happened before. she said, it really hasn't. she said she is not angry at all. she is just so grateful for the jury, gra
stunning defensive night. it cost to score any color to match. jessica is now on the cost of reaching the champions league quarter finals the last time since nineteen ninety seven to great effect. peyton will know. ryan tells me to model the design school has yet to see a pen and intolerance they missed seven of the cnet to make it to him and ended up using the taxes for ninety second pop over here to do without a hint eight years old had an offer of corning. despite conceding a goal chelsea manager lorraine year says he's not the particular diet. some other things that have two chances this post the rules we have five we score one and this is not a critique group of strikers like sometimes people. the sink is just as all of the profile of team would have rated in the eurozone to be amenable to make is to cycling in nineteen ninety eight. you know the routine daily and you can cost you more wiring than the result was the fact that they were never able to stand in the greek town in sarawak for the chairs around expects the economy to a new reed has anyone seen the one that many by goin
on as well so it's a work of immediate self defense but timely an awesome bead sets up in crime in the crimea they would have access to some very advanced equipment also these reports as well all the minutes the base of the tree and fields near the southern ports also boasts awful being seized items ukraine's interior minister saying that he considers got them all making station via russia opening so how will it end this situation the facts the already tense situation and in ukraine. what is difficult to see how it could help the tensions that we saw seen recently white suits and some sorrowful a protest with the crimean talks on someone's site supporting kiev ukraine. i'm pro russian groups. having classes as well as a protest here in the crimean capital city is running very high amongst those groups of crimea has been majority population of ethnic russians but also about a quarter of the population of the ukrainian and about twelve percent of ethnic talks up to their list of potential that for an exclusive mix of when. when these questions of bush also what the status of crimea will be up w
. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters and here are the headlines for the hour. unarmed gunman is around the airports in ukraine. plus, bill clinton's presidential library is releasing thoses of pages of documents today, including the advice and letters. >> in california, a storm is spreading and the emergency crews performing a swift rescue and a portion of the coast highway has been closed. they are tracking the storms and how much are they going to get? >> they are seeing up to 8 inches of rain in southern california and getting it in the next 24 hours and the chance of flash flooding and in addition to the mud slides. an another major story is the bitter cold. in minneapolis right now the temperatures are right at the freezing mark and with the wind blowing feeling below 17, 17 degrees below zero. we have the cold air coming down from canada. hard to believe 64 on sunday in philadelphia. 22 new
trucks blocking the road and then a self defense militia in front of that row of trucks. this comes just a day after the crimean parliament was occupied by unidentified armed men that appear to be a pro russian militia here. in wednesday that turned into clashes outside the parliament as the crimean minority, 20,000 of those here clashed with the russian ethnic russian population here. 90% of the people here are russian, russian speaking and share a russian culture and heritage. many look toward the east, many believe that they should be under the influence of russia. they certainly have been unhappy about what's been going on in kiev in the last three months and certainly in the last week or so, they believe that the people in kiev are terrorists or thugs or fascists, they say and they really believe that they don't want any part of in a that. >> we have been watching the images of these people in crimea hoisting the russian flag. based on the ground, is there any chance of a reconciliation between those factions in ukraine and the protestors that you covered in kiev? >> i think there's
have to go on offense because if you are playing defense you will lose >> they have to have an answer about obamacare. their belief they can exist in a spin cycle and win the message by talking about the war on women or chris christy's bridge. the vice president said it is time to stop apologizing about anything. the democrats have nothing to apologize for. when you see kay hagan stutter and stall when asked question about the law and the people loosing their policies and can't see their doctors they don't have answers. so at some point, they will have to have answers for how you fix what is wrong. the agreement is there is a lot wrong with the law and democrats need to say we tried, we are sorry and here is how we fix it. >> you will hear that in november from the candidates. the president is going to washington today. what does he say? what is his role during this mid-term election season? >> his team previewed it for politico and they say the president is going to tout the grassroots organization, fire up the base, go on attack with the income inquality and attack republicans and f
in self-defense despite the decline in violent crime. over the past few nights, and amazing light show has broken out over many parts of the united kingdom. the aurora borealis or northern lights are usually restricted to higher latitudes of the arctic circle. as duncan kennedy reports, they have moved far south. northernou think lights, you probably imagine the arctic circle, not will disclose. >> you can see the northern lights here. >> but that is where the 17-year-old astronomer has been reviewing this stellar spectacular in the heart of the south. >> it's amazing, really. i did not think i would ever see the northern lights from my hometown. >> for several nights, this is what tom and an army of amateur astronomers have been treated to -- the aurora borealis, a stunning natural light show shooting beams of colors across the sky. but it's not just here in leafy surrey that these dazzling lights have been seen. they have been viewed right across the south in essex, gloucestershire, and wiltshire. for the first time, in many quarters of a century. >> the result of exceptional burst of ch
for people who work within government agencies like defense and homeland security. the self-destruct feature isn't quite as dramatic as it sounds. it simply erases all the data if someone tries to break into the phone. it runs on google android and encrypted stored data. it's expected to be out this summer but no word on how much it's going to cost. >>> top home lender wells fargo is cutting 700 mortgage jobs. the move is reportedly in response to slipping demand for the home refinancing market. wells fargo has slashed at least 6900 jobs since july and more cuts are not out of the question. the latest reduction focuses on back office operations where employees process the mortgage operations. >>> for the 13th year in a rodentty theft tops the -- identity theft tops the federal trade commission's list of complaints. it received more than two million complaints in 2013 and 14% of them were related to i.d. theft. americans reported losing more than $1.6 billud last year. other top complaints include debt checks, banks and lenders, and imposter scams. the data breaches are going to start showing
they raise the penalty from 17 to 35 million. general motors could use that as a defense to avoid getting that higher penalty this penalty is too low and it should be in the 200 million-dollar range and i hope the congress will finally raise it with the nw legislation that wilbe coming up so that they really get a serious tone to yo. >> you are right. >> we haven'teen this completely play out yet. and also the new president of general motors was had all of the product development and is overseeing quality control. yet as far as i know she did nothing and she is not the one who apologized. it was a person on earth who apologized to the american public. neil: in the meantime, dealers like him i left with the type of cars thathe is selling. and oftentimes that is not fair. so do you think that all of the problems that gm is having beers later contributed to going slow on this investigatiin? i think that was a part of it. i think the government being involved was part of ather government we and it was formed to cover this. to try to take care of this. it didn't happen. >> when you asked about
are questioning a woman in connection with the vandalism of several churches, and at least one mosque. defense attorneys for allan kustok are asking for a mistrial in kustok's murder case. the orland park businessman claims his wife anita shot herself to death, four years ago. prosecutors say her husband murdered her. the defense says kustok cannot get a fair trial, because his son zak publicly declared that he is not *supporting his father. chicago department of transportation has filled 200 thousand potholes so far this year. crews are on the street seven days a week working to repair the roads. and the city is putting additional crews on the job starting tomorrow. they are expected to fill an additional 15-hundred potholes a day. someone breached security and made what's believed to be the first video of the u-s supreme court in session. no cameras are allowed inside the supreme court, but an advocacy group pulled it off wednesday. they got a camera past security and metal detectors, and started recording from a back row in the audience. the group is pushing for campaign finance reform, af
commonly describe as a civil defense force. a rag tag bunch of russian sympathizers. why are we hear? around the corner in this bay there is a russian. you will see on the pictures just loitering at the entrance to the bay. is that significant? well, not in itself of course because the black sea is here in sevas sevastapol. in the context of everything that's going on, david, this maneuvering backwards and forward in the bay is of interest. and certainly people who live locally, they have been going up to take a look to see what's going on. it say tense atmosphere but calm at the moment. a certain amount of amusement. >> it seems like we are just having a spot of trouble with your line, christian. we may be able to come back to you in a moment. in the meantime, let's get the latest from moscow and kiev. let's start in moscow as bridge el kendall is there. bridgett, i wonder first of all, what sort of response there is to the ukrainian interior minister saying this is an invasion and it is the russians carrying it out. >> well, there's been no direct response to that. they haven't com
launched the virginia self-defense law firm, focused on defending self to map -- defending self-defense rights. randy is: from tennessee. go ahead. i am calling from kentucky, sir. host: ok. where are you? caller: eastern kentucky. host: go ahead. what do you think about the let's move campaign? caller: ok. i think a lot of the obesity comes from what is put in our food. processed to grow, the meets, the steroids, what people put in their gardening stuff to get it to grow has to affect human body, as well as the defects the animals. -- affects the animals. host: do you avoid processed foods? caller: there is nothing out there to avoid. host: thank you sir. start them young with a healthy diet. today is friday. every week and beginning at 8:00 a.m. on c-span two, book tv and american history tv, respectively. 48 hours of books and 40th hours of history on 2 and 3. this week, we are featuring a visit to salem, oregon. you can watch that this weekend on book tv and on american history tv. next up is sharon in illinois. caller: hello. i am all for the program. let's move. i have something t
in bangkok, she was forced to work from the defense ministry's compound ever since protestors laid siege to her offerses in early january. >> she said she is avoiding a chronfronteddation, but there is already a confrontation. some call it a low intensely civil war. >> some of your supporters are talking about taking to the streets. would you encourage this? >> the protests are illegal and as long as we will be under the democracy ways. >> she can still rely on the support of the people in the rural north. they brought her to office in 2011 and kept her brother, the former prime minister in office for many years before military coup deposed him in 2006. the opposition says it wants to get rid of what it calls the taxing regime. her supporters have promised not to allow that to happen. the problem now is that there is a potential for a violent showdown. >> aljazeera continues to demand the release of its staff held in egypt. they have enough spent 62 days in prison, accused of having links with a terrorist organization and spreading false news. aljazeera rejects the charges. another aljaz
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